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The Lake Belle Taine Association

Preserving our Beautiful Lake

Here is our mission statement taken directly from our By-Laws:

"The mission of the Lake Belle Taine Association is to protect and enhance Lake Belle Taine, the ten lake chain of lakes to which it is connected and the Lake Belle Taine watershed of the larger Crow Wing Watershed in which it is located. This mission will be accomplished through educational programs regarding aquatic invasive species and water pollutants for property owners on the lake and people using the lake, programs monitoring watercraft entering the lake plus programs monitoring the quality of water in the lake. This mission will require the joint vision and concerted effort of the 28 lakes comprising the Hubbard County Coalition of Lakes, the City of Nevis which is located on the Lake, Hubbard County and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. By acting together to educate the people owning property on the lake and using the lake plus monitoring usage of the lake and the quality of its water, this resource will be protected and enhanced for current and future generations."