Membership Update

In 2019, Hubbard County paid for 632 hours of watercraft inspectors at the Nevis Public Access. They were planning to do the same in 2020... until the Coronavirus pandemic struck. When that happened, one of the cutbacks the county made was to make a reduction in the inspector hours it was paying for for all the lakes in Hubbard County. In our case, those cutbacks resulted in a 32% decrease to our hours, shrinking the 632 down to only 432 hours.


We as a board had already committed back in January 2020 to fund an additional 664 watercraft inspector hours for our lake. Still, those 200 lost hours were going to leave some significant holes in our schedule. 

Although the county initially had said lake associations could not make any donations for inspector hours after January 31, we worked with the county and they ended up allowing some emergency supplemental funding. Your Association spent over a thousand dollars to purchase an additional 56 hours of inspection to make sure that the most vital and busy times at our access would still remain covered.

This capability exists because of your generous support and contributions. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THE LAKE!