Keeping Lake Belle Taine "Healthy"

Probably the easiest and most effective thing each lakeowner on Belle Taine can do for the long-term health of the lake is to avoid turning the land between your cabin and your shoreline into a well-manicured lawn.

Creating a nice lawn at your cabin does two things:

  • Robs your land of the natural vegetation and process by which run-off from the roof of your cabin is filtered and slowed

  • Creates the need for you to fertilize your lawn to keep it looking great and fertilizer can have devastating consequences for our lake!

The good news is that right now, Belle Taine is pretty healthy - so let's keep it that way!

Dave McCurnin has volunteered for many years to take regular measurements of both the water clarity as well as the chemical makeup of Belle Taine. You can see below the graphs for both topics that display the readings Dave's taken during the summer of 2020. 

Water Clarity

All of us that live on Lake Belle Taine already know that it's one of the clearest lakes in all of Minnesota! The great news is that clarity has only continued to improve during the summer of 2020!

Chemical Composition

The more "nutrient rich" a lake is, the greater the likelihood that you'll see algae grow on the surface and visibility decrease. And the less clear a lake is, the more likely it is that oxygen levels are reduced and thus life is prevented from functioning at lower depths creating dead zones beneath the surface.

The two primary drivers of this measurement are chlorophyll and phosphorus (which is why having - and fertilizing - a lawn are so bad for our lake!)

The levels of these nutrients are measured by what is called a Trophic State Index or TSI. The higher the TSI number, the more nutrient rich the lake is and the higher the levels of chlorophyll and phosphorus are in the lake. 

Here again, Belle Taine is doing really well at the moment and it's only been getting better throughout the summer, as you can see from the chart below. Remember, a lower number is GOOD!

Thanks again to Dave McCurnin for volunteering his time, energy and effort into taking these important measurements!

If you'd like to learn more about what steps you can take on your own property to keep Belle Taine as healthy as can be, be sure to check out this terrific 24 page guide from Hubbard County on "Lake Stewardship."

Graph of Belle Taine Water Clarity readi
Graph of Belle Taine TSI levels in 2020