Here in early 2021, Lake Belle Taine is the highest it's been in 18 years.

You have to go all the way back to May 13, 2003 to find a time when the lake level was higher than it was this past May. 

And yet, it's still a full two feet lower than the record high set on June 14, 2001.

Few people want to return to 2001 levels. But it is important to keep in mind that feelings about the level of Lake Belle Taine seem to be highly personal and tend to have a lot to do with how the level affects one's individual property and use of the lake.

Our problem is Lake Belle Taine is at the mercy of Mother Nature. There is presently no outlet from the lake, and we are at the bottom of the entire Mantrap chain of lakes.

This spring, recognizing the rising level of the lake and the problems that's causing for a large share of lakeowners, your Board of Directors embarked on a study of what can be done to address this issue, what governmental bodies would need to be involved, and what sort of public participation and support would be required. 

The Board will present their initial findings at the annual meeting on June 19, 2021. 

No matter what your personal perspective is on the level of the lake, we ask everyone to keep in mind that any action and any solution is going to have to be one that works for a large share of lakeowners. We will need to work together over the coming years in order to come up with a plan and a solution that provides the best possible outcome for the largest number of people.

25 Year Graph of Belle Taine Water Level