Lake Improvement Districts

Management of our lake is critical to all of us who own property on the lake.  We enjoy some of the cleanest/clearest waters in the State of Minnesota and we are committed to doing everything we can to keep it that way.  As the mission statement of our Association says,  "The mission of the Lake Belle Taine Association is to protect and enhance Lake Belle Taine….. for current and future generations."

As the board has researched how best to manage our valuable Lake Belle Taine, now and into the future, the board has become increasingly interested in exploring and recommending the establishment of a Lake improvement District (or "LID") for Lake Belle Taine.  This tool has been used on a number of lakes within the state of Minnesota and provides an opportunity for owners to have greater control over the management of the lake and in particular lake quality.  

If you'd like to learn more about what a LID is and how it works, here are some resources for you:

Click on the PDF Icon below to access the Q & A document

This PDF contains a flowchart which shows the steps in the process