Our Most Steadfast Supporters

The Lake Belle Taine Association's only source of funding is from you, our contributors. We are grateful for everyone who contributes and for every donation, no matter what amount.

And...there's a group of people who have been consistently generous, year after year and who have never wavered in their financial support of the association and Lake Belle Taine. We felt it was appropriate to recognize those folks and celebrate the generosity they've shown that has benefited each one of us that  lives on and/or enjoys our beautiful lake.

The following people have averaged a contribution of at least $150 over the last seven years and a contribution of at least $200 over the last three years:

Camper's Paradise

Gene & Sue Jackson

Jim & Gail Caratozzolo

Greg & Mary Jo Downs

David & Barbara Kocer

Don & Connie Rambow

Dave McCurnin & Sally Yates

Don & Jeanne Wyszysnki

Anne & John Bartoloni

Melvin & Mary Lee

John & Rose Kehner

JoEllen Bailey & Andrea Dutcher

Thank You For Your Generous and Consistent Support!