Video of Eagle's Nest at Camper's Paradise

If you've been around Lake Belle Taine for any length of time, you are almost certainly aware of the HUGE Eagle's Nest that has graced a tree for years on the northwest shore of Goat Island, home of Camper's Paradise. This summer, Pat Swaggert, co-owner of Camper's Paradise along with his wife Lynn (who's an LBTA Board Member) asked if I'd be willing to take my aerial drone and get some close-up footage of the nest. For the first time in years, Pat had noticed that the nest had been abandoned and wanted to understand more what was going on.

As you will see in the video, a large part of the nest had slid away from the main area, essentially ruining it's capacity to provide a safe and protected sanctuary for newborn eagles. 

As it turned out, Pat's request was fortuitous - it's great that we captured some video of the nest when we did because during the huge storm on July 9th, the nest was completely destroyed and nothing remains of it in its original tree. 

But don't feel too badly - a new nest has been built to the south of the causeway at the end where it leaves the main land and begins to head out to the island. 

Enjoy the video!

Kevin Swan